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Re: Another Ebay Bargain!

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Subject: Re: Another Ebay Bargain!
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 10:14:55 -0400
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Maybe he's modified his listing (I didn't think you could do that, only add
on, and then it would say "at **:** on xx/xx/xxxx the seller added the
following:") but I read:

"Well folks, I'm finding out from alot of helpful people that what I have is
not a "true bugeye" but just the bonnet on a later year sprite. Sorry, I
really was just going by what I was told when I purchased the vehicle."


1972 Midget
1998 Safari
1999 9-3
1964 (me)

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From "Kent J. Miller" <Bushwacker4 at prodigy.net>

> I think the guy with the Ebay car believes his IS a Bugeye.
> Kent

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