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Re: Paint blisters on potential purchase?

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Subject: Re: Paint blisters on potential purchase?
Date: Mon, 01 Jul 2002 21:52:59 -0400 FILETIME=[32180F10:01C2216B]
>lol!  rust can appear any time it darn wants to!  no doubt the darn stuff
>was tiny pin holes and have grown to create the blisters as they are being
>called.  this is what happens when a partially rusted panel is not cut out
>far enough or the filler is not waterproof filler in a moisture prone area.
>hey, if the car is that nice.....re-do the cowel and be done with it!  it
>beats doing an entire car from scratch.
>that's the simple explanation of the situation.  there is a much longer
>explanation but it would just bore many .
>been there broke that.

Gee chuck,

to whoevers car can you be referring to??????????????????????


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