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Re: 356 Handling

To: "Gary & Kathryn Bales" <kgb2@centurytel.net>, "James Gruber" <thistle_3619@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: 356 Handling
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2003 21:26:31 -0400
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29 years with the same bugeye and counting!  gimmie personality any day of
the week!
yeah new stuff has incredible refinements to their "evrything".  but you do
not need to know how to handle a car that practically drives itself!  on the
other hand making a bugeye stand on it's ear flyind down a "twisty" is a
whole other experience!   and with a full competition suspension yet another
exciting experience!

gimmie personality any day!
that's why my harley has wire wheels and drum brakes!
that's why i have 2 '55 chevies!
that's why i still own my bugeye!
and the number one reason i vintage race!
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From Gary & Kathryn Bales <kgb2 at centurytel.net>
To: James Gruber <thistle_3619@yahoo.com>
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Date: Monday, April 07, 2003 9:04 PM
Subject: Re: 356 Handling

>>  Although after taking a  Honda S2000 for a test drive I could get real
spoiled by 2003 Technology instead of 1950's era engineering.
>Maybe so, but wouldn't you get bored by all that predictable reliability?
Give me an oldie with personality any day. I would much rather get out and
whack my fuel pump once in awhile, or change my points in a rainstorm, than
need a "service technician" just to change my oil.
>Kate (Still older than all my vehicles, but not by much)

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