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RE: trailer for sale

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Subject: RE: trailer for sale
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2003 10:56:02 -0700

I am going to buy an enclosed trailer for the Bugeye and the Lotus 7 - so I
am selling my California registered, twin axle, electric braked open trailer
with tire rack and observation deck. This trailer is actually an overkill
for the Bugeye- it was built seven years ago to haul a series 1 Mazda RX7,
which is bigger and over 1,000 lbs heavier than the Bugeye. It tows very
easily, behind my Expedition anyway.

I have a near-new Warner Z3500 winch with remote control installed on that
trailer, and the tires have less than 4,000 miles on them. Asking price is
$1800- including the winch.

I'll post a photo on my website or email it as an attachment if anybody is

Jac in San Diego county
PS: I'll try the spare wheel on the trailer first (WST knows why 8-))

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