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Cars in the UK are either a Saloon or Coupe, or an Estate.
Havn't heard the word shooting brake for a long time.  The Shooting brake
actually started out as a name used on a type of horse-drawn vehicle, a
cross between a carriage and a cart, used when the landed gentry took their
friends out on a shooting party - hence the name.  Shooting brakes when used
for cars were generally the vehicles with external wood framing, ending up
with something like the Morris Estate "Woodie"  (OK, don't start that one
again - I am now fully eductated about the alternative USA use of that

Think about it - Saloon and Coupe are both French words.
A saloon is where you sit about on comfortable upholstered chairs, smoking,
drinking fine wines and making polite and witty social conversation.  Hence
a Spridget is NOT a saloon! Some cars are like that, or were once.  Now they
are "Padded cells" and we all know what padded cells are used for.

A Coupe is a sort of cut- down saloon.

Sedan? Well, that 's a large American car that only goes in straight lines.

Truck, Lorry, Wagon.  Depends what part of the UK you come from.  Here, up
in the Northcountry, we talk about Wagons - 'cos they were invented here for
carrying coal in.  In the South, a Wagon is a type of goods train rolling
stock, not a road vehicle at all.

Lorries are Red and blue and yellow, made of wood and small boys play with
them. Brm brmm!

In the UK!

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> >What is a saloon car?  I can't seem to find a definition of what makes a
> >a "saloon".  No liquor bottles in the trunk, no taps on the dash, so what
> >the defining factor?

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