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Re: saloon definition

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Subject: Re: saloon definition
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 00:38:13 -0400
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Ah but, Convertible coupes had window frames around the glass when the 
top was down (also know as a Landau coupe) true convertibles had the 
frames less window. Not to be confused with the roadster or touring that 
had the removeable plastic/canvas windows ala early Bugeyes. Roadsters 
and tourings had fold down windscreens, convertibles had fixed screens. 
Some cars had two windscreens on the dual cowl phaeton, not to be 
confused with the new Volkswagen Phaeton. Don't forget the Cabriolet 
too. What does all this mean? I've spent too many Octobers wandering 
around the Hershey car show and seen just about every combination and 
terminology applied differently by different manufacturers to similarly 
different vehicles that are almost the same except for.......

Well anyway

Paul A. Asgeirsson wrote:

>Not quite true.  There were Coupes, then there were Club Coupes and also 
>Coupes.  They called some cars Convertible coupes, which now we simply call
>convertibles  These all had different roof lines than the sedans.  And lets not
>forget Coupes with Rumble seats!  Held the same number of passengers as 2 or 4 
>sedans, but had Coupe roof lines!  Needed horse hair blankets in cool weather 
>lap robes!  That's another term to discuss!
>Later, Paul A
>Rick Fisk wrote
>>But the coupes here weren't cut down - same car, same roofline, just a
>>different number of doors.
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>>>a Coupe was a cut - down version of a Sedan (or saloon)
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>>>From: "Rick Fisk" <refisk@chartermi.net>
>>>>When I was a kid growing up here in the USA in the 50's a "coupe" meant
>>>>two-door car.  A "sedan" was the four-door version.........

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