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RE: Bonehead auto repair mishap

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Subject: RE: Bonehead auto repair mishap
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 11:58:21 -0400 5.0.11 |July 24, 2002) at 04/22/2003 12:12:23 PM
Along the line of bonehead mishaps

While I was in trade school learning to weld I saw a guy burn off his ring
finger when he struck an arc because his welding glove had a hole in it and
his wedding ring was in the path of least resistance.

Another guy in the same class tried to strike an arc and the electrode
stuck.  He wiggled the holder back and forth for several seconds before
breaking the electrode loose.  By then he was really upset and threw the
electrode holder.  The welding cable was draped over his shoulder so the
electrode cable (still holding a red hot electrode) struck him in the
            Guess what got completely pierced?  He got the nickname
fountain that day.


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