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RE: No LBC - Thank you WST

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Subject: RE: No LBC - Thank you WST
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 13:31:01 -0500
Captain Crunch,

See... you hit the pilot right on the head here...

I don't want Bob to go away. Bob is a valuable contributor in many
respects... but the volume of mail of the "me too" variety has caused many
people to tune him out. I'd like him to be heard by all... and that's
possible if he'd use just a little discretion in the "reply" choices.

I am a member of the Capt'n Bob fan club. I just want to club him like a
baby seal on occasion.

(and some of you never appreciate a "straight line" when handed to you..)
(Enough of this drivel before I'm guilty of the same, ya dig?)

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Subject: No LBC - Thank you WST

Your email on list abuse was long overdue.

I've needed, and used, a Captain Bob filter for about a year. It's the only
way to deal with the volume of his mail. Some contributions are excellent,
the technical issue emails, but 99% of them are useless. It's too bad
because there are probably useful contributions that get thrown out with the

If every subscriber to this list responded to every message and every
response to that message in a similar manner, the list would probably

Captain Crunch

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