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Re: Sebring Sprite kit in UK

To: spridgets@autox.team.net
Subject: Re: Sebring Sprite kit in UK
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 21:19:18 -0500 FILETIME=[486AE3E0:01C3F433]
Daniel, Guy and other UK Listers,
There is some interest pickng up on the Yahoo Bugeye list on the Sebring 
Sprite Body Kits.
I know several of us were talking about this at Sprite Spree, but the 
Shipping costs were seemingly prohibitive. There is a fellow on the Bugeye 
list that says he has interest in building a few of these. Maybe if the 
discussion gets going, a container could be filled and drop the shipping 
The flyer handed out at Sprite Spree had the following contact info:

Archer's garage Limited
Unit 54 Hainge Road
Tividale, Oldbury
West Midlands, B69 2PD
TeL 0121-520-4766

Could any of you UK guys confirm this? or even if they are still doing this?

Brian S.
5? Bugeye under resto

ps. On a personal note, if any of the Vintage crowd may know of the 
whereabouts of any
Sebring, NOT Speedwell Sprites please let me know. Specifically I'm most 
interested in the car shown in THIS photo: you may have to cut and paste///


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