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Subject: lathe
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2004 21:13:48 -0800

What lathe is it? If ever it is a Crafstman or Atlas 6", I might have a copy
of a manual for you.

As for a general book, I recommend Machine Tool Technology, by Victor E.
Repp and William McCarthy, Bennet and McKnight Publishing, ISBN

For a specific book on lathe, The Amateur Lathe by L.H Sparey, Argus Books
Limited, is excellent. This is an English book though, and I don't know if
it is available in this country.

Jacques Le Clainche in San Diego

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Subject: lathe

I have just been given a lathe. Something I have always wanted, but have
used one before.
Can anyone recommend a basic manual.  Presumably there are guidelines on
speed / what cutting tool / steel grade / lubricant / to use for cutting
different metals?


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