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Re: Garage advice request

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Subject: Re: Garage advice request
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 17:43:57 EDT
Cc: Bkitterer@aol.com
In a message dated 9/12/04 10:10:13 PM, Bkitterer writes:

> We have experimented with very cheap self sticking floor tiles, like would 
> be used in the house.

Hi there.   On reading Bob's note, I couldn't help but send the addition--Be 
sure those tiles are the basic vinyl tiles.   Not cushioned or no wax or 
anything that might soften them.   That's what we have in the garage, flowers 
all.   You do want a major brand, such as Armstroing or Congoleum so the cut 
will be straight.    As far as LBC's leaking oil, ours doesn't, but you can get 
around that with any floor by using drip pans. If you want soft flooring in 
front of the bench, it is easy enough to pick up industrial cushioned flooring, 
which is also cheap.   He will probably kill me for admitting it, but the 
cleaning that floor got before laying the tile was primarily a swipe with a 
cloth, but they've been there for at least 10 years.   Ask me how I know.

Your dream garage should have space for at least two comfortable chairs to be 
used between car chores or when only one of you is working on something.   
They can be folding recliners, which take no space and are really comfortable.

Looking forward to getting together.

Annice & Bob
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