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Re: Weatherstripping detail?

To: Greg Higgins <higgs6@cogeco.ca>
Subject: Re: Weatherstripping detail?
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 20:19:47 -0500
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AHA!!  Now it makes sense!!  Thanks !!!


On Oct 29, 2004, at 8:18 PM, Greg Higgins wrote:

> Lester
> Do you mean the door seal that goes under the dash??
> If it is, you need to put a wiring harness clip on the end of the door 
> seal.
> Once you have done that, you need to take the first phillips' screw 
> out of
> the front surround and attach it to the wiring clip.
> The clip is held in place by the surround screw and nut.
> That is how it is held in place.
> I hope this helps.
> Greg Higgins
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> Subject: Weatherstripping detail?
>> How does the leading edge of the weatherstripping get finished?  i
>> know that the trailing edge goes under the side panel and is screwed 
>> in
>> place but where does the front part go?  The only picture i can find
>> shows it disappearing up under the dash but that really isn't specific

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