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Re: 14" Wheels on Spridgets - Advantages?

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Subject: Re: 14" Wheels on Spridgets - Advantages?
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2004 04:09:54 -0600 reply-type=original with any abuse report
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> Have you thought about a 2nd set of rims for the autocrosses? You could 
> use
> the cast-off A008R tyres there and something real sticky the rest of the
> time.

That's just what I do. I got a set of used 5.5" steel rims from a guy who 
thought that he had been told that they might have been Formula Ford rims. 
At any rate, they fit the Midget, hold 185/60/13 tires and don't rub (RWA 
Midgets are nice). Bill Perry picked me up a set of the Yoko A008R tires 
from behind the tire truck at the race track, and they have been 
autocrossing just fine for me. If I get good enough, I might contemplate 
A032Rs, but these tires are still better than I am ;-)

> I do understand tho', that if you use the car as a daily driver, this 
> might
> not be a reasonable strategy :-)

Not a daily driver. the 5300 miles (yup, put some more on yesterday) are all 
fun miles... a trip down to North Carolina to run the Gap, a bunch of club 
runs, etc.
David Lieb 

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