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The News is Out!!

To: "Midget Sprite Group" <midgetsprite@yahoogroups.com>, Spridgets
Subject: The News is Out!!
From: "Jim Johnson" <bmwwxman@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2006 10:14:28 -0800
Gents and Ladies,

I take great pleasure in announcing The Official 50th Anniversary
Celebration in the United States for the birth of the Austin-Healey
Sprite and thus the Spridget we all know and love.  A dedicated group
of your fellow Spridgeteers has been working diligently on this event
and my hat is off to them for their hard work!  This is the
preliminary announcement. Additional details will be provided soon
including hotels, registration details, banquet, awards and prizes,
the car show, rallies, parades, Gymkhanas...etc.

Take a look here!!


Print this page out and hang on your refrigerator!  Mark your
calendars!  Don't miss this one because the Centennial won't be until

Please cross-post as desired...

Jim - 68 Midget in Dodge City

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