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[Spridgets] 1967 Morris Minor Truck FS locally to me

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Subject: [Spridgets] 1967 Morris Minor Truck FS locally to me
From: Brad Fornal <tequila.brad@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2010 15:35:53 -0600
South of DFW, there is a daily am radio show called Trade Fair. From 8:30 am
to 11 am, you can call in every other day, and offer up 3 items for sale, or
request items, for FREE.
This morning, a man was on there offering up his Morris Truck. I am not
interested, but have spoken with him in the off chance that someone on the
list may be interested in a Texas truck. He says it has a 948, single carb,
ribcase transmission, with an upgrade to Spridget disc brakes in front, and
a 4.22 rear diff. He is asking $5000 obo. He was using it as his primary
vehicle for work for 6 months, driving 100 miles round trip each day. He
claims that he would drive it ANYWHERE, without care or concern of
mechanical failure.
He is about 7 miles from me, so in about an hour or so, I am scheduled to go
over and take photos of the vehicle, just in case someone is interested.
IF you would like me to send you photos, please email me off list. Also,
should you have any suggestions of where to look, and or photograph, please
email me quite promptly.

Thank you,


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