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[Spridgets] Open Carry - Cat and the 9mm

Subject: [Spridgets] Open Carry - Cat and the 9mm
From: bjshov8 at tx.rr.com (bjshov8 at tx.rr.com)
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2011 14:57:58 -0500
These things can be tricky from a legal standpoint, but traditionally IF it has 
rifling in the barrel then it isn't a technically a shotgun, and it might 
chamber and fire .410 shotgun shells, but they can call it a .45Colt and get by 
with it.  For that matter T/C made several different versions with 10" barrels, 
and now Taurus makes several different short barrel revolvers that chamber .410 
shells in addition to .45Colt.  If they ever make one without rifling then BATF 
would be on their case.

I saw rumors of a 28 gauge revolver at the SHOT show, but I think BATF ruled 
that it was a "destructive device".

> As far as I remember...
> The Thompson Encore 410/.45 Colt  has a 15" barrrel and is legal *except* in 
> Kalifornia.

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