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Dfferential question

Subject: Dfferential question
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2000 23:59:10 EDT
In preparation for IRP, I was in the process of changing the differential in 
my Bugeye back to the 4.55 gear when I noticed a crack in the weld that locks 
the diff.  With the pig on my workbench I can detect a slight movement where 
the idler gears inside the diff are welded to the internal splines that 
accept the axles when torque is put on the drive splines.  It is not 
significant and I have no way of knowing how long the diff has been in this 

The question is:
considering that the diff is locked due to the weld nuggets in any case, do I 
need to have the gears re welded or is the diff ok as is?  Comments would be 

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