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Re: Vacuum bleeding

To: GROSS@unit.com
Subject: Re: Vacuum bleeding
From: gary_winblad@juno.com (Gary A Winblad)
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 1996 22:53:13 PST
>I purchased the brake bleeding kit from THE AUTO PARTS CLUB, which is 
>warehouse type auto parts store in Southern California.  Ive seen the 
>kit at places like Chief and Trak and other similar places for 
>The kit consists of the following...
>     Hand vacuum pump with 0-760 mm Hg 0-30" Hg   "Scale is 
>     2 vacuum lines "one = pump to the reservoir, the other = to the 

I got mine there too.. but I'm not real happy with the results.  They
give you some silicon type sealer to put around the bleader screw
threads to stop it from sucking air in there... but it doesn't seem to
work at all.. I gave up and just put a hose over the bleed and under
the surface of some spare fluid in a jar... works better for me.
The best though is to have an assistant to pump the pedal.


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