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Archimedes'principle-Eureka's dirty bath water-reply.

To: tigers@Autox.Team.Net, "david duncanson" <catsclaws@msn.com>
Subject: Archimedes'principle-Eureka's dirty bath water-reply.
From: LeBrun@hii.hitachi.com
Date: Mon, 07 Jul 97 15:56:25 PST
-Thx. for the nice chat at the Costa Mesa Concours. Yearly 
vacation committments usually keep me from going to TU; this 
year we obviously were in the L.A. area. Also, thx. for 
letting me peruse your collection of  pictures of the  
"restoration" of your TIGER. ("ALPINE/MKII/ETC"). :-) I feel 
fortunate in that I saw some very unique examples of the 
marque at the Costa Mesa show, and some very-well restored 
examples entered by local TIGER owners.

-Kudos of course to you, Norm, Paul, et. al.,  and the many 
hours you all contributed to the success of TUXXII. 

-Hopefully, I can make next year's event in my 
Porsche-Rasberry-pink, highly-personalized '66 TIGER.

                   Phil LeBrun-Fremont, CA

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