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To: nicholsj@oakwood.org
Subject: Re: Re[2]: Tigers !!!
From: "JAN S-E HARDE, LUTCF" <harde@cyberesc.net>
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 10:57:35 -0700
nicholsj@oakwood.org wrote:
>      I thought this list is about a car, in particular the Sunbeam Tiger.
>      You guys get too philosophical and serious at times.
>       It's time for me to contemplate my existance and life experience. I
>      need to find my place in the universe.  My inner child needs to roam
>      freely.  I think, there for I am.  Why does oil drip on my driveway in
>      random patterns?  Can I view the oil drops as a sign of my place in
>      the order of things?
>      Excuse me, I got carried away.
>      Maharishi Jeff
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> Subject: Re: Tigers !!!
> Author:  richards@northcoast.com at INTERNET
> Date:    7/14/97 10:15 AM
> Well stated, Tom.  Your ability to see through the fog is well applauded by 
> Chris J Richards
> On Sun, 13 Jul 1997, Tom Hall <modtiger@engravers.com> wrote:
> >Since the inception of this Marque in general, and the internet in
> >particular, one of the most critical perceptions that has been missed by
> >many owner-participants is the basic human concept.  This internet tool, or
> >forum if you desire, is really not about cars or even Tigers.  It is about
> >people.  People with  common interests.  People with common  personality
> >traits.  Honest people who frequently share without asking a return.
> >People who typically desire, ...no demand "control" of their own life
> >situations.  People who enjoy "life" lived to, the fullest extent.  People
> >who take risks based on the exhilaration of a ride worth taking.
> >
> >There is nothing here that you can "buy" that is a bargain.  Your financial
> >investment is not guaranteed.  Your primary investment is time,
> >participation and friendship.  By association with this  Marque, and the
> >people dedicated to it,  you have simply engaged an opportunity.  An
> >opportunity to make life long friends who just happen to share common
> >interests, similar challenges, and similar life experiences and
> >expectations.  If you demand more, for your investment, you may be severely
> >disappointed.   Your continuing participation is your Capital,  invest it
> >wisely.
> >
> >Tom Hall
> >
> >Jeff,Now if the oil drippings on your driveway have a pattern that resemble 
" MOTHER TERESA " then you can call the STAR magazine, and make a 

Ha Ha Ha,,,  See Ya'              Jan..............

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