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Re: need boosting

To: Perry Sobol <psobol@prod-nov.production.comdial.com>
Subject: Re: need boosting
From: Paul Burr <tigerpb@ids.net>
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 18:44:38 +0100
Perry Sobol wrote:
> Hello,
> I am searching for a Girling servo ( MKIIB 7" ). No one has this in
> stock and even the NOS ones are in question due to there age.
> A rebuild kit would be nice if the o-rings aren't dried up.
> Any ideas would be helpfull !!!!
> Someone said they bought a servo from J.C.Whitney for a VW 411 (?)
> and that worked just fine. It was only $80.00
> Nice driving weather with the top down but can't stop.
> thanks in advance, Perry
> 67 MKII  B382100465

Perry; That $80 Whitney booster story is 2 decades old! 
Do the 4 step program to booster recovery. 
1.) Pick up Street Rodder Magazine. Look up Goddmans ad with the Midland
brake booster. 
2.)Buy the small model booster. 
3.)Install the Midalnd unit in your Tiger (not hard at all) 
4.)Stop worring about your booster with this unit!

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