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Re[2]: Tiger II grills

To: tigers@Autox.Team.Net, Spook37211@aol.com
Subject: Re[2]: Tiger II grills
From: nicholsj@oakwood.org
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 97 09:22:07 EST
     There are some members of the crowd who will be extremely upset if 
     your repro grilles are not distinguishable from NOS in some respect. 
     I'm not part of that crowd and we all know what their motives 
     are(hint: $$$$). I think your effort is to be commended and the more 
     unavailable parts reproduced the better.

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Subject: Re: Tiger II grills 
Author:  Spook37211@aol.com at INTERNET
Date:    7/16/97 6:14 PM

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I have recieved the the first shipment of new Tiger II grills.  They are 
exact recreations of an original, new grill (Thanks, Bob!).   After close 
examination, I do not believe that they can be distinguished from an 
original, up to and including the type of material that Chrysler/Rootes used.
 I am so sure of this, that if you can tell the original from the new ones, I
will refund your money, AND you can KEEP the grill!
Three of the grills, out of ten (10) have been sold already to people 
promised first on the list.  This leaves seven to go.  
These seven will be sold under the following provisios:  One to a customer, 
none will be sold to businesses, none to someone who may, in my view, be a 
speculator.  The price is $356 plus shipping.  The first to contact me to 
make arrangements will get the grills.
I hope that these items will be the first of several that can be arranged to 
be recreated (to call these parts a 'reproduction' is really a slur against 
them).  I have for some time seen that there are a number of people out there 
that are interested in obtaining some of the parts and accessories that these 
cars were available with when they were new,  only to be discouraged by some 
of the absurd prices asked.  
(No slam intended, things are what they are...)
This is not a 'give away'; I'm a believer in capitalism, and the price as 
stated allows me to make a small profit.
I am interested in getting some feedback from others out there as to what 
pressed and cast metal parts they feel might be of interest to the group.
Best Regards,

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