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Re: Sorry, Martha

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Subject: Re: Sorry, Martha
From: STUART_BRENNAN@HP-Andover-om3.om.hp.com
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 97 12:06:21 -0600
Jeez, am I the only one who can understand what I wrote????

All I said was that I bought some rugs of dubious quality, from a weasel many 
years ago, and they faded.  The spray I used restored their color.  So maybe 
I'll postpone my complete interior renovation, using good materials, for a few 
more years.  Unless Martha Wheat resembles a one eyed pirate (named Joe, 
incidentally), I don't understand how anyone could think I was trashing her.

Get out of "TUXXII" mode and turn your senses of humor back on.

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Subject: Re: Sorry, Martha
Author: xxxxxxx
Date:    7/22/97 10:50 AM

I concur with Mr. Spontelli. Don't blame Martha for the transgressions of her 
past mate...or time for that matter. This young lady produces absolutely the 
very best interior kits for Tigers in the business...bar none. You couldn't 
even have an interior custom made that would look, fit or last any better. 
And her prices are reasonable and her service is exceptional. So leave the 
Marhide at home and dig deep into your wallet and purchase an interior carpet 
kit deserving of the marque. 

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