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Re: New address

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Subject: Re: New address
From: Russell Maddock <rmaddock@petrie.starway.net.au>
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 1997 15:13:12 +1000
While we're on the subject, my Sunbeam site has moved to:


Scott, your registry information is now at


Christie, Scott E. (CAP, CSIG) wrote:
> For those of you kind enough to keep track of these things, I've a new
> e-mail address. It is:
> scott.christie@gecapital.com
> Also, Russell Maddock has been kind enough to place information about my
> Series 3 Registry on his web site (thanks Russell!) in hopes we'll get
> more of an international response.  While it's not the size of Norman
> Miller's Tiger Registry yet, it is growing. Thanks to all contributors.
> Keep on Alpining!
> Scott Christie
> Series 3 Alpine Registry

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