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Re: Car show photos

To: comorgan@juno.com
Subject: Re: Car show photos
From: Bob Palmer <rpalmer@ames.ucsd.edu>
Date: Sat, 01 May 1999 08:57:03 -0700
Cliff, Colin, et Listers,

I was too busy to follow the link to Colin's Website when he first posted
it, but after reading this last post I tried my luck. Noticing the dangling
participle ("foo") that was wrapped onto the next line, I did a copy and
then pasted into my address bar and, voila!, there I was at what appears,
despite the very long URL, to be the home page of the British Motorcars of
Southern New Mexico. So far so good. Then the problems began. I was able to
look at the first picture, but for anything more you need to register with
Excite. OK, no problem, just uncheck all those nuisance requests to send
you info, ask questions, etc. I get registered with my user name and
password, then on to the Excite Communities Directory where I expect to
find Colin's Website listed under "Autos/Antiques". A cursory search finds
another British car site, but no British Motorcars of Southern New Mexico.
Well, OK, back to the URL given below. Again I try to look at the second
picture and again I get the same request to register to see more pictures,
which I do using my new username and password. But, despite registering
again, and again, still no luck. Maybe I'll try later, but it was a
frustrating experience to this point. And, of course, I think all of us
have reservations about how much we are willing to give in to commercialism
in order to get these "free" services on the Net.



At 02:18 AM 5/1/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Hi Colin,
>Thanks for the info re your car show.  Unfortunately, I tried to see the
>photo site but the locators you gave did not work the evening I tried
>them.  Finally gave up.  From several posts you have made, I'd say your
>into food..  ie, driving to sample some good stew, and lately traveling
>to Texas for bobbyque.  Maybe your on to something.  Want to start a new
>topic category on Tigers and food?
>On Wed, 28 Apr 1999 11:32:31 -0600 Colin Cobb <cobmeister@zianet.com>
>The shots you will be interestedin (if any) will be in the three photo
>albums labled "1999 British Car Days."
>Go to:  Welcome To British Motorcars of Southern New Mexico
>If that does not appear as a "hotlink" the actual URL is:
>Colin Cobb, Las Cruces, NM, USA
>Cliff  9471187

Robert L. Palmer
Dept. of AMES, Univ. of Calif., San Diego

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