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Re: Engine mounting conundrum.Short

To: Theo Smit <TSmit@novatel.ca>
Subject: Re: Engine mounting conundrum.Short
From: Steve Laifman <laifman@flash.net>
Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 09:34:10 -0700
Theo Smit wrote:

> ....The engine mounts (the rubber
> sandwich) are identical except for some rubber distortion. The left hand cast
> iron piece has the number 1981001 cast into it; the right, 1981000 (as best I
> can tell). The engine mounts both have the numbers 31-2221 molded into one 
> of the rubber, and 31-2220 into the opposite face, and "made in Mexico".....

> So what gives?
> (a) What kind of engine mounts do I have? How obviously different should they
> be?
> I would really appreciate any and all comments on this one.
> Theo Smit


You have Mexican motor mounts. {9->

The original mounts are indeed "handed".

Haven't found the "second" box yet, but one is marked "C3-AA-6B032-H-LH", with a
"AU 12" above that.
In addition, the steel next to the bolt is stamped "L".  I presume this is the 

As you probably know, the fore-aft bolt location, between the two motor bolt 
locations, is 3" from one hole and 4" from the other (approx.).  In addition, 
bolt is I inch from one lateral side, vs about 1 1/2 inches from the other.

Bottom line.  The are different. They are NOT Mustang!! (BTDT [8-<).  It is

Good luck, I am sure you can find the correct replacements,  Mine are from 
and is part 2220.  If I ever find the other box, I can give you the rest of the
part numbers.


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