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Re: Whew!!

To: geewhiz@inreach.com
Subject: Re: Whew!!
From: Steve Laifman <laifman@flash.net>
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 22:25:07 -0700
"geewhiz@inreach.com" wrote:

> I also found reading plugs with the new gas to be difficult, if not
> impossible.   The best solution is to add an oxygen sensor to your
> exhaust, and read it with a digital voltmeter.  You can also purchase
> LED type systems that give you readouts.
> Read more here:
> http://home.inreach.com/geewhiz/carb.htm
> The oxygen sensor info is about halfway down.
> Gerard

Thanks for the advice Gerard.  If you recall, I sent you a message that
said I already have the Edelbrock unit.  I put a connector in the wires
inside the car, and used Velcro to hold the read-out under the radio
box.  That way I can always remove it for service or shows.

Still have to get my DVM hooked up to simultaneously compare your table
with the LED's.  I'll let someone else take the readings while I do the
driving.  The LEDs are information at a glance.


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