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RE: New Dining Room Furniture

To: <tigers@autox.team.net>
Subject: RE: New Dining Room Furniture
From: "Tom Witt" <wittsend@jps.net>
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 15:58:38 -0800
Jay, It sort of bings new meaning to fast food. Years ago out at the college
in Moorpark were I work we had a student who did something similar (sort
of). When is friends went away they would always play pranks on each other.
What these guys did was completely remove the sliding glass door to his
eat-in kitchen and then "slid" his car (I forget what kind it was) in. One
of the instructors in our radio program was an assignment editor at CBS and
heard about it. He sent a crew out to get the story and it was on the 11:00
o'clock news that night! Tom

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