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Re: New Dining Room Furniture

To: bmelusky@netscape.net
Subject: Re: New Dining Room Furniture
From: DJoh797014@aol.com
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 14:00:27 EST
When I was at school, the university was building a
12 story graduate building.  They used a huge crane
to lift material to the roof.  On one particular night, a
student stole a professors car and lifted it to the
roof where he hid it under tarps.  The next day he
watched as a crew disassembled the crane and shipped
it two states away.  When the campus super-cops
found the car, they had to bring the crane back to
get it down.  They are still looking for the student
and claim they know who he is and that it would be 
better for him to come forward. Its been over 30 years 
and the super-cops haven't called yet.  Of course
I saw nothing, heard nothing, know nothing.

Dave Johnson, B382002668, Aurora, IL 

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