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Re: Steering rack cover clamps

To: "Tom Witt" <wittsend@jps.net>, <tigers@autox.team.net>
Subject: Re: Steering rack cover clamps
From: "Kathy and Erich Coiner" <kathy.coiner@gte.net>
Date: Sun, 3 Aug 2003 13:13:41 -0700


If they don't have it you don't need it.


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From: "Tom Witt" <wittsend@jps.net>
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Sent: Saturday, August 02, 2003 9:40 PM
Subject: Steering rack cover clamps

>   I guess I should have known better, but a month or so back I asked about
> plastic tie wraps that came with the SS rack covers. I recieved a number
> replies stating that they worked fine. I still had my doubts, but went a
> and used them anyway. The rack was immaculately clean and the covers were
> proper seated. I pulled the tie as tight as I could with the catch facing
> top.
>   It has been sitting about a month now (attached to the crossmember).
> Yesterday I held the crossmember into place to check my lower fan shroud
> clearance and notice that.... yes, of course, a cover was leaking (at the
> large end). Once you get above "fuel line" sized hose clamps they get too
> to fit. Does anyone have a line on where I might possibly find "thin" hose
> clamps large enough to fit the rack (large end - 2"???). Sadly I feel I'm
> headed for my 1001st "search for three days, drive 100 miles ordeals."
> Thanks, Tom Witt

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