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Results - Steering rack cover clamp search

To: <tigers@autox.team.net>
Subject: Results - Steering rack cover clamp search
From: "Tom Witt" <wittsend@jps.net>
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2003 23:06:02 -0700
   I want to thank everyone for their input on my search for steering rack
cover clamps to replace the (leaking) pull ties that came with the replacement
covers. Unfourtunately, most proved to elude my procurement. Some ideas might
have eventually worked, but at a cost of time, expense relating to the value
of the item and frankly I wanted it in my hand to see if it would work for
    I have included all the ideas I got not to insult all or any, but just to
bring the point home as to how hard it is to find (with reasonable time/cost
relating to the item) something so simple as a 3/8" by 2-1/2" hose clamp
regardless of a wealth of valuable knowledge to draw from.
  I actually did find what I needed. I will tell you how at the end.

Bob Palmer: Actually there was no gap from the tight ties as you thought might
have happened. Sorry, but $100 for concours ties are a bit out of my budget (I
did save the original ties though - hummm..  might be worth something on

John Webber: John you were on the right track, but frustrated (see below) I
took a different course from the VW dealer.

David Sosna: I saw the illustration at the Moss Motors web site, but without
exact sizes listed I was a bit concern. I also tried the Subaru/Mazda dealer
with a resounding "No."  As you said "the quest is more satisfying."

Joe S.: I tried the local Honda motorcycle shop, but they said "no have." Not
that the 18 year old kid that took 10 minutes to wait on my seemed very
interested in looking much.

Erich: McMaster's is lots of McMoney. A very extensive, but expensive route.
Yes, even for hose clamps on my limited budget (it's a stubborn money
principle thing with me). Also as with Moss Motors I didn't want to wait and I
did want to see firsthand what I was getting just to be sure.

Bob: In a pinch I would have used multiple small clamps, but I was hoping for
a more correct replacement.

Peter S.: I did see some of the 80's Toyota clamps, and at this moment I can't
remember why they wouldn't work, but I think they were too small.

Bob Lerch: My concern with the CV boot clamps is finding the right size. Too
often these store want application only, and are unwilling to sift through
boxes to find them by size. Some places showed me their boot clamps, but most
were about  3"-4" and they would be too large.

Steve Laifman: O.K. Steve you didn't reply to the matter, but I just know you
were probably thinking "Luky's."  I did drive into Burbank and go there, but
they only had very large and wide clamps.

   O.K. John Webber was on the right track (VW dealer). However, after a
number of other dealers and a lot of "No's" I was fed up and just decided to
go with my original alternative  - Pick A Part. There are three Pick A Part
type yards all located within a mile of each other in the San Fernando Valley.
There are likely THOUSANDS of cars at these yards, BUT after a thorough search
there were only two cars that had the clamps that would work. The Mid 1980's
Audi 5000 Turbo (with intercooler only), and the Mid 1980's Volvo Turbo (I
think they all were intercooled). It was the air cleaner - intercooler - turbo
clamps that did the job. And not all of them either, some were a bit too large
(make sure you get the right ones).
  Both of these clamps are 3/8" and leave only about 1/2" excess after
tightened. They also are slightly curved up at the edges  (unlike regular
straight cut - read that sharp - clamps) and should be easy on the
"accordian-ing" covers.
  I think I got the cars correct:
 Mid 1980's Audi 5000 Turbo (with intercooler only) says: Norma 50-70 on the
 Mid 1980's Volvo Turbo Intercooled says: Awar on the screw cover and 50-65 on
the band.

 Thanks again to everyone. In my original post I stated:
 >>>Sadly I feel I'm headed for my 1001st "search for three days, drive 100
miles ordeals."<<<
Hey it was only 1-1/2 days and 70 miles I guess I should be thankful.

Tom Witt B9470101  (a former 1986 Audi 5000 (intercooled) Turbo owner who
should have remembered)

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