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Re: Results - Steering rack cover clamp search

To: "Tom Witt" <wittsend@jps.net>, <tigers@autox.team.net>
Subject: Re: Results - Steering rack cover clamp search
From: "Joe Schuessler" <j.schuessler@worldnet.att.net>
Date: Sat, 9 Aug 2003 11:35:50 -0400
Tom,Do not get frustrated by your search it is part of the fun.Next Time
try: Suzuki 09402 S6206 That is part # for the slim lalge bellows. I know I
said Honda but at least I was in the right country.Joe S.
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From: "Tom Witt" <wittsend@jps.net>
To: <tigers@autox.team.net>
Sent: Saturday, August 09, 2003 2:06 AM
Subject: Results - Steering rack cover clamp search

>    I want to thank everyone for their input on my search for steering rack
> cover clamps to replace the (leaking) pull ties that came with the
> covers. Unfourtunately, most proved to elude my procurement. Some ideas
> have eventually worked, but at a cost of time, expense relating to the
> of the item and frankly I wanted it in my hand to see if it would work for
> sure.
>     I have included all the ideas I got not to insult all or any, but just
> bring the point home as to how hard it is to find (with reasonable
> relating to the item) something so simple as a 3/8" by 2-1/2" hose clamp
> regardless of a wealth of valuable knowledge to draw from.
>   I actually did find what I needed. I will tell you how at the end.
> Bob Palmer: Actually there was no gap from the tight ties as you thought
> have happened. Sorry, but $100 for concours ties are a bit out of my
budget (I
> did save the original ties though - hummm..  might be worth something on
> Ebay)!
> John Webber: John you were on the right track, but frustrated (see below)
> took a different course from the VW dealer.
> David Sosna: I saw the illustration at the Moss Motors web site, but
> exact sizes listed I was a bit concern. I also tried the Subaru/Mazda
> with a resounding "No."  As you said "the quest is more satisfying."
> Joe S.: I tried the local Honda motorcycle shop, but they said "no have."
> that the 18 year old kid that took 10 minutes to wait on my seemed very
> interested in looking much.
> Erich: McMaster's is lots of McMoney. A very extensive, but expensive
> Yes, even for hose clamps on my limited budget (it's a stubborn money
> principle thing with me). Also as with Moss Motors I didn't want to wait
and I
> did want to see firsthand what I was getting just to be sure.
> Bob: In a pinch I would have used multiple small clamps, but I was hoping
> a more correct replacement.
> Peter S.: I did see some of the 80's Toyota clamps, and at this moment I
> remember why they wouldn't work, but I think they were too small.
> Bob Lerch: My concern with the CV boot clamps is finding the right size.
> often these store want application only, and are unwilling to sift through
> boxes to find them by size. Some places showed me their boot clamps, but
> were about  3"-4" and they would be too large.
> Steve Laifman: O.K. Steve you didn't reply to the matter, but I just know
> were probably thinking "Luky's."  I did drive into Burbank and go there,
> they only had very large and wide clamps.
>    O.K. John Webber was on the right track (VW dealer). However, after a
> number of other dealers and a lot of "No's" I was fed up and just decided
> go with my original alternative  - Pick A Part. There are three Pick A
> type yards all located within a mile of each other in the San Fernando
> There are likely THOUSANDS of cars at these yards, BUT after a thorough
> there were only two cars that had the clamps that would work. The Mid
> Audi 5000 Turbo (with intercooler only), and the Mid 1980's Volvo Turbo (I
> think they all were intercooled). It was the air cleaner - intercooler -
> clamps that did the job. And not all of them either, some were a bit too
> (make sure you get the right ones).
>   Both of these clamps are 3/8" and leave only about 1/2" excess after
> tightened. They also are slightly curved up at the edges  (unlike regular
> straight cut - read that sharp - clamps) and should be easy on the
> "accordian-ing" covers.
>   I think I got the cars correct:
>  Mid 1980's Audi 5000 Turbo (with intercooler only) says: Norma 50-70 on
> band.
>  Mid 1980's Volvo Turbo Intercooled says: Awar on the screw cover and
50-65 on
> the band.
>  Thanks again to everyone. In my original post I stated:
>  >>>Sadly I feel I'm headed for my 1001st "search for three days, drive
> miles ordeals."<<<
> Hey it was only 1-1/2 days and 70 miles I guess I should be thankful.
> Tom Witt B9470101  (a former 1986 Audi 5000 (intercooled) Turbo owner who
> should have remembered)

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