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Distributor gear hassles.

To: tigers@autox.team.net
Subject: Distributor gear hassles.
From: Theo Smit <theo.smit@dynastream.com>
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2003 08:48:33 -0600
A few thousand miles ago I replaced the Unilite distributor with a
hybrid Ford distributor I'd assembled - points-style housing and lower
shaft, reluctor advance plate and upper shaft, for use with the MSD-6AL
I re-used the distributor gear from the old distributor. Some time
previous to that I'd put in a high volume oil pump when I also put on
the Canton oil pan, pickup, and windage tray. The cam was never changed
- it's a non-roller, hydraulic performance cam of some description.

Fast forward to last night: Driving along at about 60 MPH in fourth
(shortly after a 5000 RPM run through the gears, but everything was
warmed up) when I got a big backfire, lost power, and then I was
coasting. Lots of cranking produced no results, and then I pulled the
distributor cap and noticed the rotor wasn't turning when I cranked the
engine. I pulled the distributor before work this morning and found that
the distributor gear had been shaved until the teeth were no longer able
to take the load.

So my question(s) are: Has anyone else had stuff like this happen as a
result of changing to a high-volume oil pump? Should I have replaced the
distributor gear with a brand new one (even though the cam was not
replaced)? What are the odds that the cam gear has also been fried by
the events leading up to last night? 

I wasn't really looking for an excuse to build a new engine (or rebuild
this one) but it looks like the decision has probably been made for me.


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