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Re: Converting to Silicone Brake Fluid

To: Larry Paulick <larry.p@erols.com>
Subject: Re: Converting to Silicone Brake Fluid
From: Alvin <twojohnsons@cox.net>
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 09:59:54 -0700
The big disincentive to go this way is the oft stated prerequisite 
replacement of all brake components prior to switching from Girling to 
But you don't have to.
There's another way.
Bleed the system thoroughly with denatured alcohol using lots of same 
till the stuff runs clean and shows no evidence of brake fluid. Use 
plenty---it's cheap.
Then refill the master using silicone and continue to bleed until only 
pure silicone shows in the clear bottle you're bleeding into. This will 
cost, because you'll waste a couple of quarts of silicone, but its a lot 
easier & less costly than rebuilding the system. Bleed until absolutely 
no alcohol shows, and you're done.
I did this seven-eight years ago & never had any difficulties w/it, and 
that was w/many spirited applications of the brakes.
I did NOT have the booster installed when I did this. It had failed and 
was bypassed and sent out for rebuild.
The conversion was inspired by the fact that this rebuilt booster was in 
the works, and the rebuilder would not warrantee his work unless 
silicone was used. The hydroscopic qualities of brake fluid and the 
pot-metal bores of the booster make for almost certain failure.
You'll hear many critiques of silicone as to its compressibility, its 
tendency to leak. unsuitability for racing, etc. , but I never had 
another system leak or rubber failure after converting, and I'd do it 
again for any purely street-driven collector car that sits without being 
used for long periods of time.
Prior to converting, I'd rebuilt many leaky & weeping slave cylinders, 
masters, wheel cylinders,  usually after rousing the  Tiger from its 
winter sleep.
Al Johnson

Larry Paulick wrote:

> Brad, if you change fluid from silicone to regular, or back, you will 
> have to get All and I mean All of the "Other fluid" out of the 
> system.  They are not compatible with each other.
> Larry
> Brad Huff wrote:
>> I'm curious to learn about anyone's personal experiences with 
>> silicone brake
>> fluid good or bad. I have been using this in my car since 1985 with no
>> problems but I have not put many miles on it and I do not race the 
>> car. Any
>> help in this matter will be appreciated as I am preparing to upgrade my
>> braking system and if there are any problems lurking in the shadows, 
>> I would
>> like to know about it now. No hearsay just the facts.-Brad.

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