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Re: Drilling hole in tempered glass?

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Subject: Re: Drilling hole in tempered glass?
From: "Bruce McGuire" <b_mcguire@sbcglobal.net>
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2003 11:58:56 -0700
Consult the Machinery Handbook.
Recommended method is to use a wooden dowel in a drill press and something
like clover compound as a cutting agent.

Bruce McGuire

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Subject: Drilling hole in tempered glass?

> Hi Listers,
> Is it possible to drill a hole through tempered glass without damaging the
> glass? I have been told by two local firms that it is not possible, but a
> company in the UK says they know people who have done it but they do not
> know how. I have seen some diamond blade hole saws made for drilling
> glass. If I used lots of water or cutting oil do you think it would be
> possible to drill two 1/2" holes through my door glass without exploding
> glass into a million pieces? The alternative is to remove some spot welds
> holding the "C" channel onto the bottom of my existing door glass so I can
> weld on the "C" channel that was mounted to the bottom of the glass from
> new doors. If you are wondering what I am doing that requires this
> conversion, I am switching my JH doors for GT doors. The glass is almost
> same but there are just enough differences that I need to adapt my JH
> windows to fit the GT doors. I am hoping some of my friends between the
> three lists will be able to give me enough information to at least keep me
> out of trouble, and if I am lucky I will find a way to make this all work.
> Thanks in advance for any comments.
> Dan Eiland

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