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[Tigers] FW: renewed Federal Vehicle Scrappage Program

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Subject: [Tigers] FW: renewed Federal Vehicle Scrappage Program
From: "William Lau" <mrlau@charter.net>
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2009 12:59:39 -0600
Whether a person is happy with this or not, why is it the Federal Government
that always wants to tell us how to live our lives and spend our money.  Go
back in history and find out what the founding fathers wanted the Feds to do
and not do. (as a side note the message sent to Pelosi by me came back
undeliverable)-- Bill --

Click here: Urgent Action Alert: Oppose Federal Vehicle Scrappage Program 


This was an alert sent to the Hillman Group from the Elderly Iron Website


Just as in the 1990's, the Feds are trying to decide what cars we can have 
and cannot have.  Please take a couple of minutes to go here and send an
to Pelosi et al.
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