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Subject: Re: [Tigers] On Ebay.....
From: MWood24020@aol.com
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2009 19:14:32 EST
What do you do with a car like that? Not really nice enough to leave as is  
as a "survivor", but as soon as you start restoring, any value assigned  to 
originality and patina is lost...plus at $35-40k you're already in to  the car, 
cash wise, pretty near as much as if you just bought a decent,  straight, low 
rust car and did a unibody up resto...maybe that's why bidding has  stalled.
In a message dated 1/14/2009 2:54:42 P.M. Pacific Standard Time,  
michael.s.king@gmail.com writes:

I've  been watching that car since it was listed.. bidding went hard early
then  stalled after the reserve at 20.. i am guessing people were just
sussing  out the reserve and rserious bidding will eb at the end. I think  the
millage could be right, i think its a 35-40K car maybe.. looks to have  all
oruiginal hoses (even the booster one) is a rare colour and looks  very
stock.. great platform for a concourse car. Bill Atalla acquired  another
very original car last year, but i think this one might even be a  bit more
original and perhaps a little less tampered with.


Michael  King


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