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Re: [Tigers] FlowMaster too loud?

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] FlowMaster too loud?
From: "Thomas Witt" <atwittsend@verizon.net>
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2009 19:23:38 -0800
Thank you to everyone who has (or may) chime in. Just to answer a few 

When I said "Boomy" I meant the resonance was so pronounced it was 
disturbing to deal with.  Maybe it wasn't the best of terms.

I think in an open Tiger noise is more palatable than in an enclosed car.

On this car (Plymouth Valiant) a single exhaust is easier to snake by the 
gas tank.  That is why I chose to use it.

The 3" (7.07 sq.in.) single exhaust is about equivalent to dual 2-1/8" (7.16 
sq.in.) pipes. That doesn't seem to be over kill there.

An "H" or "X" pipe is irrelevant in a single exhaust. Within 2 feet of 
leaving the exhaust manifolds the are constantly merged.

  Ironically it is only at about 4-5,000 RPM that I notice a minor gain in 
performance over the choked down,  single 2" pipe and stock muffler I 
originally was running. Ugghhhh, I won't tell of the "days" of labor I spent 
putting this together from a bunch of stuff I had lying around.  I really 
though with the merged single exhaust and the three chamber 50 series it 
would be quieter, but then I have been wrong before.

Thanks again everyone for the input.  We can now return to our drama "Tiger 
bidding on Ebay."  :-)


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