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Re: [Tigers] FlowMaster too loud?

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] FlowMaster too loud?
From: "Joe Parlanti" <parlanti@comcast.net>
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2009 19:35:49 -0500
I run FlowMasters on my car with an H pipe and 2" tube. I personally
like the way it sounds, but some may think it a bit loud. At idle the
sound is nice and quiet, but when you stuff your foot in it, things get
loud quickly.

Joe Parlanti

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Subject: [Tigers] FlowMaster too loud?

  As a general question I was curious if others who have used Flowmaster

mufflers found them to be too "Boomy,"  -especially in the 2,000-2,500
range. I am experiencing a resonance in  the described RPM range that is

almost unbearable.

  While not a Tiger, I am running their "supposedly quieter" 50 series
on a 
Mopar 318, stock manifolds into a single 3" pipe, plumbed out to the
The car is relatively well insulated, nothing is contacting, and
is hung on rubber supports.

 If this is a common issue with the Flowmaster does anyone have a remedy
I'll be listening (with ringing ears) for a reply.

Thanks, Tom
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