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Re: [Tigers] The moral delima

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] The moral delima
From: Robert Bridgeford <bobbridgeford@msn.com>
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2009 08:57:57 -0800
One thing that the moral discussion illustrates wonderfully is that a set of
established criteria is necessary for any judgement to be applied.  I am not a
Tiger judge, but I am a certified Jaguar judge.  To remain that way I have to
attend one 4 hour refresher course each year and judge at least two events.
Photo manuals are published which show the engine bays, interiors, trim,
exterior and the variations of same.   Points begin at 100, and deductions are
made for every deviation from from "as it left the factory".  You judge what
you can see; no deductions are made for hidden bolts with a heli-coil.  Judges
do not inspect the underside of the car - the rule is that you must remain on
your feet and again, you judge what you can see by bending down, not by
crawling under the car.These judging criteria are established by Jag
enthusiasts at national meetings yearly. They are modified when new
information about a specific model emerges or when they become unworkable. Two
classes exist: driven and concours. Driven cars do not have the engine bays
inspected, and they are allowed modern tires and brakes. Jaguar currently has
no special class for unrestored cars that have natural wear and tear issues.
The cars are judged along with the rest of the cars; if paint is without
damage (chips, flakes) and still has color and shine it would not constitute a
deduction.  As most of you know, Corvette events have a special class
"Survivor Class" for unrestored cars : it has more latitude for wear. The
class is important because the cars are as original as possible and provide
models for correct restoration and or maintenance. Bob Bridgeford
541 549 9539
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