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[Tigers] The moral delima

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Subject: [Tigers] The moral delima
From: CoolVT@aol.com
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2009 15:18:34 EST
"So, an ethical and moral delima, eh? :^} If it was not sold  as a LAT 
option part, then is modifying one that was not into a LAT fair?  Dow you 
then sell the modified one as a Real LAT? Or ? Does that diminish  the 
fair market value of teh real ting by adding a fake one into the global  
inventory, lol.."
How ethical is it for someone to claim a  car is concours perfect if 
something that is not visible has been changed.   I'm thinking of something as 
as tapping a stripped out hole to the next  larger size.  Now it's not 
"exactly" as it came from the factory, but would  judges deduct for something 
this if they knew or should they just consider  parts are visible?
Or could something like a rebuilt engine  that has been bored oversize be 
considered  concours?

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