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Re: [Tigers] 'World's Fastest Indian'

To: Howard gentry <zymmer4@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: [Tigers] 'World's Fastest Indian'
From: drmayf <drmayf@mayfco.com>
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2009 07:22:03 -0800
Howard, I am curious about your comment below.."a bit far fetched for my 
money,"      What is far fetched? This actually occurred and Burt Monro 
is still in the record books. While some artistic license might have 
happened, the underlying story is correct. Several of my land speed 
racing friends were there and indeed chipped in money for Burt, as seen 
in the movie. Only the tow car was an earlier model of chevy, lol... 
trailer looked just like still photos from the time. Yes, he did cast 
his own pistons and he did machine his own overhead valve heads for the 
old Indian flathead motor cycle.  Burt Monro is an icon to most of us 
who do race on the salt.

Howard gentry wrote:

>     This movie has been shown on direct tv for several years now..It is a
>good show..a bit far fetched for my money, but still a good story.
>The Blues is the only music Original to the United States of America.
>--- On Thu, 1/29/09, Dave Munroe <dave@munroe.ca> wrote:
>From: Dave Munroe <dave@munroe.ca>
>Subject: Re: [Tigers] 'World's Fastest Indian'
>To: "Paul R. Breuhan" <prbreuhan@hotmail.com>, djoh797014@aol.com
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>Date: Thursday, January 29, 2009, 9:02 PM
>No question. One of the great "family"movies of all time.
>Being a motorcycle nut, my wife and her sister took me to this movie to earn
>some points.
>They expected another Marlon Brando clone - ended up laughing, crying,
>enthralled and left the theatre raving about
>how great it was. They recommend it to everyone as a great entertainment
>You will love it too.
>Paul Bruhan wrote:
>Great Movie!...just watched it last week...one of the few DVDs I own.
>Rent the DVD 'World's Fastest Indian'
>A great movie for gearheads. Stars Anthony Hopkins as the New Zealander who
>sets a Land Speed Record on his ancient Indian. He uses Black shoe polish to
>fill in the sidewall cracks. Borrows his neighbors carving knife to slice
>off tread to make a slick. Don't ask how he waters his lemon tree. True
>Dave Johnson
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