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Re: [Tigers] Tales of the Survivor

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Tales of the Survivor
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Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2010 19:33:47 EST
While I have no doubt that the weather...umm..."dampened" enthusiasm, I  do
n't know that the car would have made reserve, in any case. Prices seemed to 
 be really soft at the auctions this year, which isn't too surprising given 
the  general economic environment. My best, preauction guess was somewhere  
around $50k bid and I think the car is worth more than that to the owner.
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achd73@yahoo.com writes:

Mark-  you forgot the BAR sticker. As I jest. I have no guess what reserve 
or  should have been but the more it brought the higher the value of  other
Tigers became and I think a Survivor does increase the value to  collectors 
opposed to people like me- called owners.There will be  another aucion with
less wind and perhaps higher  bids.

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Tales of the Survivor
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Date: Monday, January 25, 2010, 3:35  PM

Wow, and $44k didn't meet the reserve?

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garywinblad@comcast.net writes:

Actually, it came up about 3:45  (earlier than the revised  schedule).
I was able to watch it live from  their website.  I don't  know how many
bidders were still there  but by the time the Tiger came up,  they were
really whipping them  through, it only got a couple minutes.
It  got a bid of  $44K.

Some comments (not exact quotes but what I can  remember) by  Drew
the auction owner:
"I have owned several of  these"
"You  can't get an interior this nice except from the  factory"   (I  guess 
never heard of Martha Wheat  or Paul Reisentz)
"It has all  the original ID tags and even a BAR  sticker"    (wonder why  
had that?)
"Some  people try to make baby Cobra's out of these  but they are best
left  stock"

And the best one:
"This  should sell for  $90K"


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Subject: [Tigers] Tales of the  Survivor

Well the storm damage  and subsequent delays changed the  auction
schedule considerably and the  Tiger didn't get on stage until  about 5
PM yesterday afternoon.  By  that time the crowd had  thinned and many
had already headed for  home.  The bidding on  the Tiger and Brad's
other two cars did not  make his reserves, so he  will be taking all of
them home.  Probably a  lot of unhappy  campers as a result of this
stormy event, including the  insurance  companies.

Tom Hall
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