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Re: [Tigers] engine installing and steering rack

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] engine installing and steering rack
From: garywinblad@comcast.net
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2010 20:17:38 +0000 (UTC)
I just did this job.

NO, I left the rack in, you just need to lift the crank pulley up over the
rack.  BUT, it just BARELY can do this because the valve covers
(stock chrome, would never work with LAT covers IMHO), hit the
firewall, so next time I will unbolt the rack from the crossmember and
just move it forward out of the way (let the wheels toe-in).  I ended up
scratching the paint off the center of the rack, not a big deal in my
car at present...
Of course too, when most people r and r the engine from below, they
remove the crossmember first..  I didn't do that.  I used a 4-post lift, a
cheap engine hoist and a couple floor jacks and did it all by myself.
Having a helper would be good...


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From: Paul Tonizzo 
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Subject: [Tigers] engine installing and steering rack

Just curious,

If you are installing an engine from underneath the car, does the steering 
rack have to be out?


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