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Re: [Tigers] Six Blade Cooling Fan

To: Randy Smith <RSSmithIQ@cs.com>
Subject: Re: [Tigers] Six Blade Cooling Fan
From: MAURO D'ANGELO <m_dangelo@verizon.net>
Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2010 18:22:53 -0500
Great!  Thanks.  At $27, it is definitely worth a try!  How did you block
the horn passages?  Mauro

On 1/30/10 6:15 PM, "Randy Smith" <RSSmithIQ@cs.com> wrote:

> Mauro-
> I have used the 15" Derale flex-fan available from Summit Racing with a part
> number DER-17015!  This fan is an easy fit and is extremely efficient at both
> low and high speeds.  The only issue could be clearance with the steering
> rack.  I had to put one flatwasher under each of my motor mounts (the mounts
> were new at the time) to get clearance.  Tiger Tom warns against cutting the
> diameter of the fan down as most of the efficiency is at the outer diameter.
> Shimming the motor mounts is really quite easy, but don't overdue it or the
> air cleaner will hit the hood.  I also used one of the Ford Fairmont water
> pump pulleys to increase the speed of the pump and fan.  Somebody is selling a
> nice machined version of that pulley in the TE/AE newsletter.  While you are
> working on all that stuff, you might want to do something with your radiator
> if you haven't already.  I had my original radiator recored with a modern
> core.  Also make certain to block your horn holes.  With that combination of
> upgrades, I can idle or run at highway speeds all day long in the humid 100
> degree Mid-Atlantic summer heat with the engine running right at the
> thermostat setting.  Check out the tech tips on the TE/AE website
> <http://teae.org/category/tech-tips/temperature/> for more details.
> -Randy
>> I've been trying to figure out which fan to buy to improve the cooling of my
>> engine.  I know there was a fan with part number C9DZ-8600-A that supposedly
>> fit, but I have not found a single one for sale. Are there other fans out
>> there that would fit the stock Tiger setup? I once heard something about a
>> Volvo fan, but  don't know.  What are the specifications I should be looking
>> for?  Any advice would be highly appreciated!  Mauro
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