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[Tigers] Misc Questions - 1966 MK 1A

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Subject: [Tigers] Misc Questions - 1966 MK 1A
From: Joel Martin <jmartiniii@yahoo.com>
Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2013 07:10:41 -0700 (PDT)
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Good Morning All
The MK 1A is progressing, paint and body work complete,
engine, mechanical, brakes are tested and complete b I hope, and with new
wiring harness.B  We are on to the under dash components and I have a few
        1. The 2 intake vents from in front of the windshield pull air
into a plastic box under the dash.
        1. One door works fine, the other fell
out.B  How are the doors attached\secured to the plastic box?B  Is there a
gasket also that goes around the doors?
        2. There is a drain hole at the
bottom of each box b where do these route to? Do they also use one of the
duck bills at the fire wall end or where?
        3. A picture of the under dash,
windshield wiper motor, gears and blower motor would be VERY helpful.
The defroster vents on the inside\top of dash b are these suppose to be
gloss black or painted a black wrinkle finish?
        1. The rear license plate
has what I call an illumination bracket for 2 lights to shine up onto the tag
b is this suppose to be body color or something else?
        1. Windshield
frame b is this suppose to be body color or something else?
        1. Hood
catch and cable release - is this supposed to be body color or something else?
        1. I have seen multiple windshield washer bottles b the one I have, not
in great shape, color wise is a round circle with bRootesb in the middle
with no colors b is this correct for the 1966 MK1A?
        1. I have 3
windshield washer pumps b 1 with 3 plastic tips for the lines, 1 broken tip,
1 with 2 plastic tips b I would surmise that one is inlet, 1 outlet b then
to a bTb.B  I even have a brand new pump, Rootes part # 5220827 which has
2 plastic tips, which I guess would need a T as well b If a bTb is
required b metal or plastic and the size of the lines would be?
        1. B I
know I found a website that had color 11 X 17 wiring diagrams for my 1973 MGB;
is there such a wiring diagrams for the MK 1A Tigers?
I know I asked a lot
of questions here but after start up and driving the Tiger with a MG midget
seat, not bolted in, I am a little excited to keep moving forward.
always, thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise.


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