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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Gears and rpms
From: Gary <maliburevue@yahoo.com>
Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2013 07:41:05 -0700 (PDT)
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The format got messed up on my last post. Let me try it again.
wholeheartedly agree with all the comments about converting from a close ratio
transmission to a wide ratio setup while keeping the 2.88 rearend gears for
street driving. My first Tiger had a close ratio transmission and 3.31 rearend
gears, and although it was great out of the hole, it was terrible at 70 mph on
the highway at 3500 rpms. Granted, a close ratio setup is great on a road
course where you want your engine rpm in the sweet spot of the torque curve at
all times, but stop and go street driving is a drag with such a tall first
The factory 2.78 wide ratio first gear is 20% lower than the factory
2.32 close ratio first gear. I have mentioned to some here on the TigerB List
that when I converted my present Tiger to a wide ratio, I installed a 2.90
first gear instead of the factory 2.78 first gear. This makes for a 25% lower
first gear over the close ratio setup. My first gear is now so low that I am
next going to install 2.72 rearend gears for a 6% overdrive (compared to the
2.88s). This will drop my 2.90 first gear to a comparable 2.74 ratio, nearly
identical to the factory 2.78 ratio, still a 19% improvement over the close
ratio configuration. This will also drop my highway engine speed another ~200
rpms lower than the factory 2.88s.
I spent ~$450 for new wide ratio tranny
gears and sold my old close ratio gears for ~$200. The 2.72 rearend gears
range from $20 to $90 and use a fine spline (26) pinion flange. I paid $50 for
my rearend gears and $90 for the flange. Naturally if you farm out the labor
it will be more. But for less than $500 for parts, 1/10 the cost of a 5 speed,
I have a 2.74 first gear and a .94 overdrive, with no cutting up the car, no
problems with the speedo cable or gear shift opening, and an unbreakable
toploader that can easily handle the torque of my 331 stroker motor.
those who are interested in a wide ratio setup, here are the best prices I
have found:
2nd - WT296-21A - $59.10
3rd - WT296-11A - $57.60
input - WT296-16BB  - $82.10
cluster - WT296-8A -
2.90 1st - $125
Note: David
Kee no longer sells the 2.90 first gear, but Dan Williams does. The Dana 44
2.72 gears I found on Craigslist and eBay and the flange you can get
fromB IWEB Rearends in Canada. You can use my name.
IWE Rear Ends Only
FREEB 888-433-4717B end_of_the_skype_highlighting ext 1, Danelle

For those of us who donbt race open track
and donbt feel like droppingB 'cubic dollars'B for a 5 speed, yet who like
everyday street driving, to me this bpoor manbs overdriveb with the low
first gear is the best all around setup.


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