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Re: [Tigers] Wire Wheel Tubes???!!!

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Wire Wheel Tubes???!!!
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Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2013 12:41:57 -0400
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Way back when, I used to run tubes in the tires for my Tiger.  That was before I
came to trust tubeless tires.  Back then they made a special heavy-duty
(thicker) tube for radial tires.  The radials flex more than bias-ply tires and
therefore are harder on the tubes.  If you find a tube, make sure that it's OK
for radials, that's assuming that your tires are radials.

Good luck on your tube quest, shoot-now may still be your best option.

Will Seay_____________
"I think not therefore I am not" (anon)

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Ok Team, I have a minor emergency and you are the first resource I think of. I
have a series V alpine that I sold and it has wire wheels with knock offs on it.
the tires are trash, and i assume the tubes are too because they go flat in
minutes. I have extra tires for the car but need tubes for a factory sunbeam
wire wheel. I havent called any of the local stores yet, but do you expect any
retail or shops in an average us metropolitan city to sell tubes for a 13"

lastly, should I shoot myself now or later?

Thanks guys,

1452 LROFE TAC 840


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