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[Tigers] 2014 Worlds Fastest Sunbeam Motor Candidate

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Subject: [Tigers] 2014 Worlds Fastest Sunbeam Motor Candidate
From: Larry Mayfield <drmayf@mayfco.com>
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2013 09:30:37 -0700
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Delivered-to: tigers@autox.team.net
Organization: Mayfield Motorsport
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Ok, so  a few weeks ago, I asked about alternative motors for the WFS 
version 2014.  I received a plethora of suggestions (don't you just love 
that word!) and some ver pretty dang good. But, while surfing this 
morning I remembered a motor that may fit the bill better and has some 
performance parts support. That is the 1988 SHO V6 which produced good 
power, over 200, and can be mounted longitudinally.  It shares a bell 
housing pattern with the Vulcan V6 motor. And is it just under 3 litres 
displacement and conveniently uses the EEC IV efi system and it might be 
cheaper than the national debt.  It is a DOHC motor but with a 60 degree 
bank angle so it will likely fit. And although it is a Yamaha, if comes 
from Ford so falls in my list of druthers for Ford stuff.

The trick now, is to find one that  can be bought complete for a song or 
at least a loud yodel.  Anybody have a clue as to where I might start 
looking for one or two of them?  Might even turn out to be a good 
transplant for either a Tiger or Alpine... Of course, a manual trans 
version would be lovely also as I am tired of wrestling with my AOD 
trans good as it is... it is large....

And I have thought of stretching the wheel base for next time... 130 
inches vs 90 sure seems better for salt racing stability.

Went to the salt, Mon, Tues and yesterday for a look see. Salt is poor.  
very bumpy, lots of soft spots and more spin outs in the day and a half 
I was there that most of the meets I have been to combined! Lots of 
broken motors and car parts. If it does not rain and smooth things out, 
it will be a tough go.  On a side note, my new F350 King Ranch Dually 
tow truck was a marvel..once even hit 95 mph, ahem, passing a big 
truck....  and still got 16.7 overall mpg up and back and around town....

shoot me considerations for the SHO motor, 1988 specific and a manual 
trans set up for same....


Worlds Fastest Sunbeam, period.
204.913 mph flying mile
210.779 mph exit speed


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