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  As Ron stated there is a 4 speed overdrive that was used in the 1970's 
Granada and I believe some of the Ford Mustang/Capri and trucks. This link 
will tell you much you need to know about them. 
http://www.5speeds.com/toploader.html. Take note of the 
differences/limitations.  An issue with this transmission is the large gap 
between 2nd and 3rd gear.

What I have always found interesting is what is listed as "Jeep ratio #3". 
While not an overdrive, it is a somewhat "wide-er" ratio toploader - but 
still having even ratio spacing. Using taller tires with the 3.01 first gear 
could effectively make the 1:1 fourth gear equivalent to perhaps a .85 or so 
overdrive while coming close to the equivalent 2.78 of the wide ratio 
standard toploader.

Just remember changing tire diameter is also equal to changing transmission 
or rear end ratios. All THREE need to be considered a package factored 
around the intended use of the car and its torque curve.


> Hi guys !
> Yesterday it was a beautiful day her in Quebec and i used my Tiger for the
> first time this summer to make a ride. Each time i use my Tiger i would 
> like
> to have an overdrive.
> Is it possible to use a top loader transmission gear ratio like first 2.90
> second 1.93 third 1.36 top.85 When i'l restored my Tiger i'l put a wide 
> ratio
> gear set on it
> and differential is standard 2.88
> Thanks!
> Denis
> B382000926LRXFE


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